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Duraflex Racecar Bodies

After 27 years in the race car body manufacturing business, we are now officially on line for business. While we cannot fulfill orders over the Internet, you can now get all of your prices and information on all your auto racing body needs. Our bodies and body parts are made with the highest quality materials and can take the punishment of any Saturday night short track racer.
Throughout our 27 years in the industry, there is not a job that we could not handle. If you have a custom racing application that is not available on our site, always call us.
* Monthly Message from Carl and Brian
Buy a Complete New 1988 Monte Carlo Body complete with new Fiberglass Roof for only $1,250.00
*** We have New Full 88 Monte Carlo Rear Quarters***     Go to our 88 Monte page to see a Pic!
ROOF FOR 88 MONTE CARLO IS NOW MADE IN 2 PIECES!!!!! Come check it out!
We have been hard at work as the leaders in race car body technology. We have recently built a FIBERGLASS Asphalt Modified roof to replace the metal roof everyone currently is required to run. These roofs weigh 12 pounds and should be approved for local and  touring series competition.  Check out the Modified tab for pictures.
We have also manufactured acompletely fiberglass roof to replace the heavy and hard to find 88 Monte Carlo roofs. These roofs are lightweight (55 Pounds) and are being allowed in the rules at many tracks in the Northeast.

We have complete mini stock bodies for sale. we stock complete Ford Mustang mini stock bodies including fenders rear quarter panels, hoods, front bumper covers and rear bumper covers. See pics below.

Hot Rods

 1934 Chevrolet Master 5 Window Coupe
Our body is an exact copy of a steel body with a 10.5 inch windshield and has all the stock body lines that start at the hood. It is approximately 3/8ths of an inch thick and is wood reinforced around the windows to make it easier to bond around both windows and doors.
Our body package consists of the following: Rear body (including roof), front fenders, running boards, rear fenders, grill shell, three-piece hood, doors, trunk, firewall and floors installed, wheel tubs, dashboard, window moldings, and rear apron with molded license plate.
The doors and trunk are hinged with hidden hinges and the trunk can double as a rumble seat.
Basic Chassis is 112 inch wheel base set up for I.F.S. which includes all the mounting brackets for front suspension, brackets for rear end, cross member, transmission mount, and body mounts.
Rolling chassis comes with the following basic options:
-         Ford Mustang rack and pinion
-         GM spindles and rotors
-         8 inch ford rear end housing with 4 link suspension
-         Four coil over shock absorbers
-         Brake pedal and master cylinder
Additional options:
-         Pro Street Chassis
-         9 Inch Ford rear end with narrowed power brakes
-         9 Inch Ford rear end with narrowed disc brakes
-         Power steering rack
-         Power brakes
Complete Body Packages start at $5,500
Bare Rolling Chassis start at $1,800.00
Body with hidden hinges: $6,400.00
Replacement Body Parts:
Front Fenders: $165.00 each
Rear Fenders: $125.00 each
Running Boards: $250.00 pair
Grill Shell: $160.00
Fuel Tank Cover: $145.00
Dashboard: $95.00
Wheel Tubs: $165.00
Hood with Side Panels: $525.00
Molded Fiberglass Floor: $195.00
Window Molding: $28.00
  Other Available Parts:
Hidden Hinges: $450.00 a set
Power Windows: $550.00
Stainless Grill Inserts: $525.00
Latches and Catches: $75.00 a pair
Front Bumper with Brackets: $495.00
Rear Bumper with Brackets: $495.00
Stainless Steel Gas Tank: $445.00
Tinted Window Glass: $600.00
Aluminum Radiator: $645.00
Copper Radiator: $595.00
Headlight Mount with Lights: $275.00

Dirt Racing

We can custom build any dirt racing body application.  Please call for pricing details.
We stock several replacement body parts for all dirt applications including modified and late model stock.  Please see prices below.
Replacement Dirt Body Parts:
Replacement roofs for TEO Bicknell and Troyer Dirt Modifieds $135 each
Replacement Front  Late Model Noses: $135.00
Replacement plastic front late model fenders: $45.00 each
Replacement Doors: $69.00 each
Replacement Rear Quarter Panels: $79.00 each
            Front hoods (fiberglass): $140.00

Karting Sprint Cars Mini Cup Racing

Karting/ Sprint Cars/ Mini Cup Racing
Among the several racing applications we specialize in, we also custom build 5 different body styles for Karting, sprit car front hoods and rear cones, as well as mini cup bodies. Please see customer pics below for final product.
  Sprint Cars Pricing lists:
            Front hoods (fiberglass): $140.00
             Rear Cones (fiberglass): $45.00
Mini Cup Car Bodies: $800
*For purchase please go to for details and ordering info*
- Made from durable lightweight fiberglass. They are reinforces in the nose and rear for durability. 
- Bodies come standard in white. For additional colors there is an additional charge
  Karting Applications: WKA Legal
Aero Adult Offset Body Complete: $148
Front Nose:$80
Right Side/ Left Side: $35 Each
Downforce Adult Legal Kart BodyComplete: $148
Front Nose:$80
Right Side/ Left Side: $35 Each

Downforce Adult Outlaw Kart Body Complete: $148
Front Nose: $80
Right Side/ Left Side: $35 Each

 Adult Offset  Kart Body Complete: $148
Front Nose:$80
Right Side/ Left Side: $35 Each

Junior Offset  Kart Body Complete: $148
Front Nose:$80
Right Side/ Left Side: $35 Each

Below are the size guidelines for the Karting Bodies that we offer. If you have any questions email us at or call 401-739-0202.
Kart Bodies are available in Black, White, Red, Yellow, and Blue
Junior Kart             Adult Offset               Down Force
A = 42 1/2 in.         A = 41 1/2 in.           A = 42 1/2 in.
B = 27 1/4 in.         B = 23 1/2 in.            B = 22 1/2 in.
C = 12 in.               C = 14 in.                 C = 13 1/2 in.
D = 11 in.               D = 11 1/2 in.           D = 14 in.
E = 59 in.               E = 59 in.                  E = 61 1/2 in.
F = 11 in.               F = 10 in.                  F = 11 1/2 in.

Stock Car Racing Bodies

Established in 1984, our Stock Car racing bodies are some of the best in the industry. We make and stock all common templated bodies for Super Late Model, Late Model and Pro Stock.  These bodies are produced in Steel, Aluminum and Fiberglass.  For all racing applications, we use a state of the art flex-resin construction that allows for increased durability for all racing applications.  We also use a fire-retardant resin for reinforcing all reinforcement on our fenders. Our fiberglass racing bodies are available in two different weights either the standard weight body or the lightweight body package. The Standard Body weighs 62 total pounds.  

Body Styles Available:
-         2010 Common Templated Bodies (Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, Ford Fusion, and Dodge Charger)
-         All 2000-2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Ford Taurus, Pontiac Grand Prix and Dodge Intrepid bodies)
-         1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo body (steel or aluminum only)
-         1981 Chevrolet Camaro
-     1989 – 1992 Ford Mustang
-         We can custom build some of the older stock car body styles fenders only. We do not stock any bumper covers front or rear. Please call for pricing and availability.
Package #1: Fiberglass Bodies. $1,350.00(Standard Weight or Lightweight)
Includes: Hood, Roof, Plastic nose and Rear Bumper cover, Doors, Fenders, Rear Quarter Panels, Trunk Lid, and Rocker Panels. 
Package #2: Aluminum Bodies $1,350.00
Includes: Hood, Roof, Plastic nose and Rear Bumper cover, Fenders, Doors, Rear Quarter Panels, Fiberglass Opera Windows, Trunk Lid, and Rocker Panels. 
Package #3: Steel Bodies $1,350.00
Includes: Hood, Roof, Plastic nose and Rear Bumper cover, Fenders, Doors, Rear Quarter Panels, Fiberglass Opera Windows, Trunk Lid, and Rocker Panels
Package #4: Fiberbglass. Aluminum or Steel  $1,550.00
Includes: Hood, Roof, Plastic nose and Rear Bumper cover,PLASTIC Fenders, Doors, Rear Quarter Panels, Fiberglass Opera Windows, Trunk Lid, and Rocker Panels
  • Front and rear windshield sold separately. We also offer the side windows, Body Identification decals and spoilers for all bodies. Please see below for details.
  • All Fiberglass Bodies come in a standard color of white.  We offer color body packages for an additional charge of $275.00 for basic colors. We will also manufacture our fiberglass bodies in metallic colors, metal flake, and Fluorescent colors.  Please call for details and price on custom colors.
  • We offer additional reinforcing and stiffening to all fenders, doors and Quarter panels
Replacement Racing Body Parts:
Plastic Front Nose Cover (All Styles): $140.00
Plastic Rear Bumper Cover (All Styles): $140.00
Hood (fiberglass either flat or with a scoop): $145.00
Roof (fiberglass includes all front window posts): $155.00
Front Fenders (fiberglass or aluminum): $100.00 each
Front Fenders (plastic):$140.00
Front Fenders (steel): $100.00 each
Doors (steel): $80.00 each
Doors (fiberglass or aluminum): $80.00 each
Rear Quarter Panels (steel): $135.00
Rear Quarter Panels (fiberglass or aluminum): $135.00
Fiberglass Opera Windows: $50.00
Filler Panel: $60.00
Rear Deck Lid (fiberglass, steel or aluminum): $50.00
Rocker Panels (aluminum): $30.00
Spoilers (curved): $125.00
Nose Screens: $60.00
Headlight ID Kit: $35.00
Tailight ID Kit: $35.00
Front Windshield (MR 10 Lexan): $200.00
Front Windshield (Molded): $340.00
Rear Windshield (1/8 inch Lexan): $110.00
Rear Windshield (Molded): $260.00
Side Windows (1/8 inch Lexan): $45.00
14" Cold Air Box: $135.00
Windshield Cowl Panel: $150.00

Modified Racing

We have the new hood to match the new flat windshield. The shop number is 401-739-0202.
      -    We have Fiberglass SK and Tour style asphalt modified roof. Weighing only 12 pounds, Call today                                   to get one. They are currently $295.00. Please see pictures below.
-    We stock all hoods for all Whelen Modified Tour, True Value Modified Series, SK Modifieds, Pro 4 Modifieds and TIS Modifieds (open wheel late models).
-         We can custom build all front nose intakes for all modified applications.
-         Replacement doors and rear sheet metal is also available.
-    We are now stocking complete bodies for NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and SK Type Modifieds. Full bodies starting at $450.00 and include the side skins, front and rear window posts, and the back deck panel. Full body pics below.